Halite Down Recce 3 Season - Preorder -15%

Halite Down Recce 3 Season - Preorder -15%

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The Down Recce 3 was developed in collaboration between Halite and one of the best down sleeping bag manufactures in the world, Western Mountaineering. With 45 years of manufacturing experience, Western Mountaineering are experts in building sleeping bags that are optimally light, warm and compressible. Each bag is crafted using hundreds of individual pieces, cut specifically to ensure maximum loft and therefore warmth during use. 

The Down Recce 3 is built using a continuous baffle system, fixed in a “slant box” configuration, providing the best distribution of down across the width of the bag. Continuous baffles allow you to shift the down insulation from one side of the bag to the other. During hot summer nights, you could shift the down from the top of the bag to the bottom so there is less insulation on top of you. When the weather is cold, you can move the down to the top of the bag. Just open the bag flat and push the down with your hands from one side to the other. This adjustment allows the bag to serve a wider range of temperatures.

For use in damp or extreme conditions, the Gore® WINDSTOPPER® shell provides maximum protection against external moisture. while remaining extremely breathable and reducing the threat of condensation.

Each bag is filled with the highest lofting premium European sourced 850+ fill power goose down. The farm is personally audited twice a year. Only large mature mother geese, raised to an old age for their eggs, are used. They roam the grounds during the day and nest in insulated barns.

Alone or with our Overbag, the Down Recce 3 will cover every season and every challenge.


  • Fill weight: 540 g
  • Fill power: 850+ Fill power European goose down
  • Construction: Continuous baffles
  • Zipper: Full length #5 YKK
  • Loft: 14 cm / 5.5”
  • Fabrics: Gore® WINDSTOPPER® Shell / Taffeta Nylon lining
  • Pack size: Approximately 21cm x 38cm
  • Weight TBC: Approximately 900 g

Internal Size Dimensions:

  • Inside length: 180 cm / 6’0” or 200 cm / 6’6” 
  • Inside width: 81.5 cm / 32”
  • Inside foot width: 49.5 cm / 19.5”



  • Temp rating: -9°C / 16°F
  • Temp rating with Overbag: -23°C / -9°F